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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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live from moscow this is our t. here are your headlines now major world powers throw their diplomatic weight behind attempts to end the drawn out crisis in syria all amid reports now the country is currently being surrounded by foreign military forces. as the german parliament a rubber stamps the euro zone's massive bailout cash dissolution italians now turn to comedians for their leadership. and the homosexual community in russia fights in new law targeting so-called gay gander they say is just one step from outlawing same sex relationships. here in half an hour's time for now though it's all going off and spotlight.
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hello again a welcome to the interview show on our team. today my guest on the program. st petersburg started. from the controversy the meeting is all about the palestinians to put that. on to the first thing just the world heritage list last year you know asco
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recognize palestine as a member state provoking fieri and israel and the u.s. so now this is going to make the tension and what are the chances of the trash. and also apart from the controversy what is the u.n. cultural body preparing for us we're asking the executive. the executive board of unesco is in charge of the organization's program of work since two thousand and nine and has been headed by the russian ambassador and delegate to unesco. ms mitchell has been a politician and diplomat for more than two decades has been a member of the russian parliament in the mid ninety's and was first deputy foreign minister in two thousand and three and two thousand and four regionally joined unesco in two thousand and one as assistant director general and returned three years ago as russian ambassador.
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hello you actually see a lot of this show well first of all russia is currently presiding in the you know scale world heritage committee so what issues are you. primarily interested in what one of the issues of primary importance to you as the sharpest of the coming. thank you very much for this question first of all this year is the fortieth anniversary of this convention and it's great warner for the country to receive such. a such. event in the country and it's the first time when the russian federation receives world heritage committee. as a chairperson and the country who receives the main point is to organize properly it's the first task of the country and for me like.
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chairperson it's very important to be within this kid you all and give the possibility to our guests to see the beauty saw some pictures. speaking of st petersburg the international youth forum which has become already an annual event was held prior to the unesco world heritage committee session in st petersburg the main theme of this you thought of was i quote water and the world heritage white water what soon portland about water in the context of what you do. you know yes it's true we have to use events this year in one in a novelty for four to four months of this committee or first we have in. in the south of russia look so-called. black sea
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so it's more than. one thousand five hundred children participate in this event why water no first of all their walled heritage in any case is connected with the nature and heritage and nature all heritage covers of course the water sources etc etc but we speak when we speak about first of all we speak about the beauty is hold standing universal value of these or the. site so i don't know about what they're speaking but we will twenty falls in the opening ceremony and over the world heritage committee we will receive. the children from that camp which who will denounce three their conclusions and the second form what is the use for all which will be in. it's
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students who are involved in the wall heritage problems. representative of the members of the committee the country's members of the committee so it will be children and not children students from fifteen countries as. well. let's speak about your form of the world have a forum in st petersburg what are the questions on the agenda this year what do you consider the most important issue and i would say that. in any committee. the most important issue is the revising or money during the state of conservation of the sights of world heritage sites nature and cultural. their vision of the world heritage in danger so these questions will be discussed very sorrowfully are there new nominations
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it's very important part of in your committee. and of course it will be the first committee after the prudent of the new strategy for the future and it will be discussed so it's their main points well will it be i mean that the forum would be in another. round in your tug of war with the united states because as far as we remember when you when you recognized the palestinian state as a member of the organization the united states imposed environment a financial or a financial boycott to the body has been very difficult since. yes it's really very difficult because united states not only not be for the spirit and the current period but they didn't people of the past and when these will remember yes and they still remember before of the mission of palestine in.
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so these they were going ization a very difficult situation yes now we have. now the polystyrene is member state and palestine's member of this convention. and they proposed for emergency inscription of the church of nativity in. yes it will be a very difficult question because they devise everybody's. say recommended not to inscribe on urgently you know. procedure. as they propose to inscribe the normal procedure in making the whole dicey of one of these countries inviting international experts to help them etc etc but defacto police insist to inscribe this church and it's very difficult to say what
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it will be. first of all the opinion of the majority of member states in general because majority of member states. support polystyrene. like to try to help them but of course a just not proper time for emergency inscription because we hold that united states needed in a school and after the presidential election somehow they will you know returned. will will start to pay so so is it true that the resources that used to liking when americans should use this boycott the are impossible to compensate so you know camino survived with. or without the yeah i you know survive it's possible of course how you come to say you cutting your
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program says that it's impossible to compensate the man eagle telling the prince yes absolutely you're got your activity but in compensation i mean you know it's intergovernmental body it's not charity or some other fund which you can call so the other members are not ready to pay you to pay the move or you know of course a split on the other is that they didn't want to dissolve for americans so when in the end. so for this period if they would not decide to be so it will be dilemma to leave their organization to be ok while this is. the church of nativity which which. the palestinians want to include put on the list the world heritage is it endangered is there is this something that endangers this church that that it needs. is an emergency situation but
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i mean there are a couple of years and it looks fine. like experts say yes it is not in good shape but not exist the emergency situation for inscription and essentially is that we all understand that first of all. i would say political step for more really seeing to stay that it's our property. knowing the steps of the concern of the settlements. that's why from this point if you were understand their intention to be inscribed on urgency emergency scription like experts and we can apply only on their opinion we are not the experts so that it is not emergency that it is outstanding universal value. as the most important character area for inscription in the world heritage list but
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. not a matter of fact that it is so bad shape that it can collapse which means that for you it is going to be a political decision so if you will put it. on this list you will admit that this land this territory is palestinian and the church alongst to the palestinians is not right what i would say. no. no what it quests that they fear is look under out on me nobody including israel but. yes they it will be like this like you know like you said eleonora i'm not going to follow us speaking to us on spotlight we'll be back shortly after a break so stay with us we'll continue this interview in less than a minute. on
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the money with the business of russia. they've been living this way he seems to seventeenth century. strict. their communities are isolated. they clearly distinguish between their.
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guard and their families and think it's the treasure.
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welcome back to spotlight i am now going of in just a reminder that my guest on the show today is. making a fun ambassador at large and chairperson of the world you know school world heritage committee. eleonore we've talked about the possible political consequences on. the church of native e.g. to the nascar list of world heritage list but let's speak about about legal consequences well what basically. changes for for a site for a cultural site or a natural site when it appears on this list what happens how. first of all it's great for the country to inscribe it means that international society is that this site is very important for the whole world that it has
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outstanding universal value will the whole planet and it increases the moral value the sentimental as i don't want you can't the second that it's open for you. the international expert dies yes and then it's. these sites will be all the time supervised by the international society. in person by walter to come in and any step for i don't know for new. construction or new mining for it has to be first discussed there and they have to propose ways to avoid the damage for this is a very sizable body was it all it's about civil judgment. can you tell us what other need prominent sites historic cultural or natural will be added to this
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list soon what's under consideration. no i would say first of all about russian scientists and their lean appeal or what they see unique. very interesting. object of sight. nature lino of people like the river larry right yes i'm on the river leads it's like pillars we stay along the moon you know remember the flow very interesting and we hope that it will be inscribed because it is really outstanding conversing it belongs to the misery. of. those problems only great great british story he has with the many and. many signs of different spaces and old species so it's very interesting and the
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other is first syrian on the nation which is not easy of course it is criminal in russian criminal. we mean this. and scoff like this is your elimination like a symbol of all of this state time symbol of power in moscow kremlin is already on the yes. kremlin some pictures it will have been inscribed first after the. admission or interview question of the can as the center you mentioned st petersburg the center there started to center in st petersburg which actually hosted the world heritage committee is on the list right how does the unesco rate the state of the architecture and the state of the preservation of the historical center of st petersburg you know it's not not is
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a question it's the biggest site of the world. really yes. role is for example a center of rome it's much. much smaller company called back to which have been inscribed for example perry since scribed only. you know. sin are the saudi runners yes yes yes and all these you know buildings in the center of the c.d.c. and this why you know the bitter will have big difficulties for the development i mean who not only new constructions but you know increasing can assess it's in electricity and water and never know it's necessary to develop the infrastructure but it's not easy and it's needs very very big wark and that's why. you know and in general the problem between conservation and
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development exists in all sites are yes you're feeling even being a russian citizen you're feeling our mix to would turn towards the state of this city right well good you should be concerned i mean it's a well what was the rome of unesco in saving the city and saying saving the city of st peter's which i love from the erection of this controversial gazprom tower. no i know that you do yes yes of course unesco played a big role in this you know that the center must not erected there. the crucial role i was. and what i would say not on your horse unesco but civil society too in russia may get all of civil society and because the people of the same people as it was the people of st petersburg they're different for example from muscovites they show much more love
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much more affection and attention to their own city than the most guys do they really like it they really can but you know because it's something example of architectural. genius because it was constructed and thanked all from the beginning. in korea zone in the middle of nowhere. because it goes from zero concern is not like a horse go it was scrambling and. you know stone cranley and then nearby was the other you know settlements and center and said no but some picture was concerned with me wrong and yes you know like like brazil i come very very handsome and believe that there was two hundred three hundred years ago. ok listen to what what's your opinion how efficient in general is the russian government in preserving the natural heritage in this country yes you know
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i. not easy for me to say it in general because. we have a lot of nature. but in the least. in the early stuff you know score or to actually still is not i and nine sites nature on sites. it's not is a question from one side to yes we have very street legislation. it's in russia yes in russia we have very strict with your station concerning the parks and all this and what is very important with nature of heretics may be and was cultural to involvement of local people because in their environment they have first of all to defend. so from the point of view of legislation what press took it to make government a normative you know it is very strict and proper how it development
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development in reality on the earth it's maybe another story but maybe not in all in all parts of farm country proper education to all these but it depends on local people and that's why this year and the most important topic of these forty son. is heritage and local society well the reason i am asking this question is because because because russia is getting ready to hold the olympic games in sochi and the western carcasses is one of the few russian world natural heritage sites so the environmentalist the local people who we were just talking about they were very very much concerned about the construction inside she and around and there was lots of fuss. there were scandals in the press and
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on the ground but today it seems to be more or less quiet doesn't mean that the problems are so that everything will be a keen eye you personally happy with what's going on in such a problem of sorts you know problem it's the same development and conservation and keeping in peace you know these western caucuses you know part. exist this problem exist in all the countries. i would say that the of course construction of ski resort will give big impulse to that region for development effort. yes it was some programs with some roads but it was a little bit took every for away from the property so it seems to me that our government finally finally press attention what what what what what
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heritage says what what one character from his stance the same it was so with by col if you remember about the you know that famous tube you know anybody alien right now who has to be near here lake and it was decided forty kilometers to go away from michael so somehow. it seems to me that our government more and more understands what does it mean world heritage and how to work with these instruments well speaking not only the russian government but in general and governments around the world does you know sco have any means of pressure upon the governments which neglect their duties towards the world and it just gets. yes you know school course has first of all it is the least in danger which of course i would say it's not punishment and as it seems. that it is even even if it is more
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it's possibility for the country to its reg's i specially still ask for international assistance to this program exist in africa only was. this program exists and some other places. other other possibility it is. the least of. this site from whom will carry that she's on this is of course bad and i would say signal and. you know it's very bad for prestige on this state well let's hope it works thank you thank you very much for being with us and just to remind that my guest on the show today was eleonora me to fund the chairperson of the unesco world heritage committee and that's it for now from all of us here spotlighted will be back with more first hand comments on what's going on in and outside russia until then stay
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on r.t. and take care. down the official t. application to your i pod touch from the top story. what you like on the get. video on demand. gold coast's and the russian street now in the palm of your. question on the dot com.
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